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Board of Social Ministry (2017-2018)
  • Lee Eichele
  • Ruth Ann Eichele
  • Nancy Hazen
  • Pat Hazen
  • Lusandra Vincent
  • Dave Hildenbrand
  • Joanne Hildenbrand
  • Diana Kuehne
  • Sharon Balding
  • Sharon Seegmiller
  • Nancy Martinez
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Below is a video describing the ministry in Rwanda:
Connecting Locally 
Bell Ringing at Christmas time is an annual event for about 40 St. Paul families.  We furnish Christmas gifts for 70 children each year through the Salvation Army.  St Paul also collects food for the Salvation Army periodically.
Two $500 scholarships have been given this year to graduating seniors who have been wards of the State in Foster Care.  In the early 90's, members raised a fund to sponsor a Group Home for problematic Foster Children.  For various reasons, this wasn't possible to do.  Interest from these funds has been used for scholarships for graduating Foster Children.
Connecting with the World
St. Paul provided funds for a group of members to furnish and decorate one bedroom when Lodi House first started up.  We have continued to refurbish this room through the years and have kept the flower bed and flower pots in bloom.  Lodi House provides food, shelter, counseling and support for homeless women and children in San Joaquin county.  They serve about 30 families per year and provide continuing services to "graduate" families.  St. Paul also collects food for the Salvation Army periodically.


Rwanda Sister Parish
After supporting Pastor John Rutsindintwarane for his studies in Peace and Reconciliation beginning in 2002, St Paul began a connection with a Sister Parish in Rwanda in 2005. We send $750 quarterly for the Parish from individual contributions, and have supported Pastor Isaya in his studies at a seminary in Uganda. Recent pictures from our Sister Parish in Rwanda are attached.
We also sent $10,000 in support of the Rwanda School Project this year from our Tiqvah House funds. You can learn more about the Rwanda School Project at www.rwandaschoolproject.org . Ron Skadburg requested that his memorial donations go to the St Paul Social Ministries Board. The Board decided to use his memorial fund and other undesignated memorial gifts, our God's Half Acre profits from last year and other donations to fund $5000.00 for  a water well at the school. We will present a check to Karl Smith, a board member of the Rwanda School Project, on Sept 13.
Missionary Support - more information to come

Fair Trade Coffee, Tea and Chocolate sales
Most Sundays, these items are available to purchase during the Sunday Forum. Fair Trade purchases these items from 29 cooperatives in 14 countries. Fair Trade guarantees small farmers prices that exceed their production costs. This increased income, and programs that pay them before they sell their products, allow them to feed their families, stay out of debt and keep their land.
ELCA World Hunger
Lutheran World Hunger projects are supported annually in the St Paul budget. For more information about the tremendous job ELCA World Hunger to reduce causes of hunger and to relieve hunger emergencies, look on www.elca.org/hunger.
Bread for the World
St Paul is a member of this organization that works to eliminate the causes of massive world hunger by organizing advocacy – using our citizenship to fight hunger. Confronting a problem like world hunger can seem overwhelming, but encouraging our representatives in congress to support legislation to fight world hunger can make a huge difference. Check www.bread.org for more information.
God’s Half Acre
Each August our Board holds our own Farmers Market with fresh, tasty fruits and vegetables from gardens and a few fields of St Paul members. Profits have gone to the Stockton Family Shelter, ELCA World Hunger and Heifer Project. Profits from last summer’s sales will go to the Ron Skadburg Memorial Fund which will be used to dig water well at the School of Rwanda. Thrivent will matched our profits (about$500 - $600), doubling the contribution we can make to the Ron Skadburg Memorial water well. This year we made $600? and Thrivent will match up to $400. Funds this year will go to the Stockton Family Shelter, Salvation Army and ELCA World Hunger.
Stand with Africa  

On November 1, we are sponsoring an alternative Christmas sale featuring handmade crafts from Tanzania and Uganda brought to us by the Asante group. This group is headed up by Mary Ann Sheets, daughter of our deceased member, Bertha Schmidt.