Marilyn is a former nurse and has a depth of knowledge in the medical field.  She heads a health cabinet in the congregation, trying to meet the informational needs of members, from young to old. Together with her health cabinet team, she helps to provide programs and educational information on current health issues. They also work to assist people with needs for physical and spiritual care through resource referral and prayer. She is married to Bill Maki, a Deacon of the congregation. They have 3 adult children and 6 wonderful grandchildren. She enjoys making visits to those in hospitals  or skilled nursing facilities or in homes, and her presence adds a spiritual and medical breadth to our staff.

Marilyn has been a Registered Nurse, actively working in her profession since 1958. She received her BSN in 1975 and completed her Parish Nurse training in 2006 at Fresno State University in 2006. She is the Parish Nurse program co-ordinator for Lodi Memorial Hospital.