Vicar Frances Le Bas

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As you have given me the wonderful opportunity to complete my vicarage (internship) here at St. Paul Lutheran Church, I would like to share a bit about myself so that you can get to know me as I get to know all of you.  I grew up in San Francisco with my brother as children of Puerto Rican parents.  They spoke Spanish to each other, but they did not teach my brother or me Spanish because they did not want us to have an accent and face possible discrimination.  We were also raised in the Catholic faith.  I attended Catholic elementary and high school and it was in high school that I learned Spanish.  I completed my undergraduate education at UC Davis and went straight into medical school there as well.  I subsequently completed a Family Practice Residency at UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento.  I practiced family medicine doing outpatient care, urgent care and eventually occupational medicine and chronic pain management.  I practiced medicine for 22 years.  During this time, I married my first husband and had four wonderful children who are all now grown and live in Sacramento. I injured my back at work in 2011 and did well after back surgery until I reinjured my back in 2013.  For about a year, I was primarily in bed with chronic pain.  All I could do was read.  My second husband, Tim Le Bas, and I also started attending the Lutheran church at St. John’s in Sacramento.  I participated in their catechumenate (new member) program and was given the Lutheran Study Bible.  This is what I began to read while in bed.  I started with Luke and then ended up reading the whole Bible.  This was the first time that I read the Bible on my own and not part of some class.  I could not get enough of reading about God, so I also began to read about Lutheranism.  Concurrently, I began to discern what I wanted to do with my life.  After much praying and many conversations with my pastor, I decided that I felt God calling me to a new life serving God and others in a different way.  I decided that I was called to become a pastor.               I applied to seminary at Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary and started there in the Fall of 2015.  I did my first year on-line which was hard since I had not been to school in 27 years—and I had been a science major with no religious studies under my belt.  After that, I commuted home on weekends while I shared an apartment in Berkeley during the week.  I now make my home in Lodi with my husband Tim, who is an attorney for the state, and our two Welsh Corgis.              Tim and I enjoy antique shopping in our spare time adding to our collections of English china and silver.  Tim’s great grandfather was a famous silversmith in Ireland.  We also enjoy traveling and taking weekend trips.  We enjoy going to baseball games, both minor league and professional.  He is a die-hard Dodger’s fan while I am a SF Giants fan.  We also enjoy spending time with family and friends.           

 Thank you for this opportunity to share a bit about myself.  I look forward to this coming year to grow in faith and serve the St. Paul community.